The Original Shooting Bar.


Product Information

THE ORIGINAL SHOOOTING BAR sleeve material is printed in “Superflage Game Camo” pattern and is a heavyweight polyester that is waterproof, and custom stitched. The gun rest is padded with a 3/8” cushon which allows for making difficult shots even while the vehicle is idling. It is made of very durable components and is rattle and noise free, allowing you to hunt safari style without alerting game. Check your state and local law concerning hunting from a vehicle.

The Original Shooting Bar.

UTV Shooting Bars

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1 1/4″ Diameter Roll Cage

1 1/2″ Diameter Roll Cage

1 3/4″ Diameter Roll Cage

2″ Diameter Roll Cage

2 7/8″ Diameter Roll Cage (For Grooved Roll Cages)


Replacement Sleeve

High Rack Shooting Bars

For information on ordering shooting bars for High Rack Vehicles contact us below

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