The Original Shooting Bar

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The Original Shooting Bar

“Have you ever wasted numerous, uneventful hours in a hunting blind? Is your property sustaining damage or loss due to varmints and predators? Have you ever missed a shot trying to hit that buck of a lifetime?”

If so, then THE ORIGINAL SHOOTING BAR is your solution.

A Little About Us

THE ORIGINAL SHOOTING BAR is a great hunting innovation created by MAR Manufacturing. This patent pending device is designed for hunters, ranchers, and farmers who are tired of missing freehand shots.THE ORIGINAL SHOOTING BAR provides a stable platform and level gun rest for every time you need to pull the trigger. With this accessory, your UTV and high rack vehicle will always be outfitted with a mobile shooting rest whether you are hunting, eliminating varmints/predators or just target shooting.

Product Information

THE ORIGINAL SHOOTING BAR sleeve material is printed in “Superflage Game Camo” pattern and I a heavyweight polyester that is waterproof and custom stitched. The gun rest is padded with a 3/8” cushion, which allows for making difficult shots even while the vehicle is idling. It is made of very durable components and is rattle and noise free, allowing you to hunt safari style without alerting game.

Check your state and local laws concerning hunting from a vehicle.

For UTVs and High Racks

The Original Shooting Bar.

THE ORIGINAL SHOOTING BAR fits virtually all UTVs, including major brands such as Ranger, Mule, Gator, and Rhino. The rifle rest mounts in just minutes using just one simple tool to your roll cage or high rack. 

The telescoping bar will adjust to fit your UTV and is designed to compensate for roll cages with handle bars, making it adjustable for shooters of all ages and sizes.